Progress by the merger project to combine Essilor and Luxottica

The Essilor International Board of Directors has approved signing of the transfer agreement for the transaction between Essilor International and Delfin.
At the same meeting, the names were announced of the board members who, with the shareholders’ approval, will sit on the EssilorLuxottica Board of Directors as from transfer of the Luxottica share.
These are eight directors nominated by Delfin: Leonardo Del Vecchio, Executive President and CEO of EssilorLuxottica; three nominated by Delfin: Romolo Bardin, Giovanni Giallombardo and Francesco Milleri; a further four: Rafaella Mazzoli, Gianni Mion, Lucia Morselli and Cristina Scocchia.
Essilor also nominated eight directors: Hubert Sagnières, Vice Executive President and Vice CEO of EssilorLuxottica; Juliette Favre, employee shareholder representative and President of Valoptec; four from the current Essilor Board of Directors: Henrietta Fore, Bernard Hours, Annette Messemer and Olivier Pécoux; two worker representatives, who will be nominated by the Essilor Works Council by the end of October 2017.