Hoya Brings Highly Accurate 3D Vision Simulation to Stores

Hoya introduces its latest innovation: the HOYA brings highly accurate 3D vision simulation to storesoffers wearers the ability to experience their new lenses before they buy them, right in the store.

Using wearers’ actual prescription, the HOYA Vision Simulator provides a highly accurate, 3D vision experience, visualising the optical effects of the various lens designs and treatments. Hoya erases the line between virtual reality and individual reality, giving wearers the opportunity to choose the lenses and treatments that work best for them.

The HOYA Vision Simulator is controlled by an application downloaded onto a smartphone that is placed into the headset. Wearers look through the headset and see a virtual environment. Opticians apply the wearing parameters and the exact prescription (every prescription type and cylinder is accommodated) and adjust for accurate pupil distance. A tablet serves as a remote control. Opticians decide what wearers see and experience, and can demonstrate and explain the different options that are available.

Hoya is currently inviting opticians to register their interest in being beta-testers. Visit the dedicated website, www.hoya-vision-simulator.com, if you wish to participate.