What distinguishes you from others on the eyewear market?

We create models that are totally in vogue; prices are competitive but the materials are exclusively high-end and made in Italy. Continuing the tradition begun by our grandfather, we reintegrated some artisans and companies that a few generations ago worked on his products during the Fifties

What are the objectives behind your presence at SEE with Mido?

At SEE with Mido we want to introduce ourselves to the part of the market that, unfortunately, does not know our story. Our desire is to describe ourselves and create new collaborations with other brands which, like us, have something to share from a creative point of view. I believe that SEE with Mido is the ideal platform for meeting an international public.

What are the characteristics of your top model?

We don’t really have a top model; we decided to make a collection that is universally wearable regardless of facial characteristics. All our eyewear must be the top model for the person who chooses and wears it. Every frame has a very distinctive personality and characteristics.