Fede Cheti and 1000 Quadri sign first social media documentary on the evolution of eyewear.

The idea sprang from a passion for art shared by Alessia Fugazzola (designer and owner of Fede Cheti) and Sigfrido Millequadri (CEO of 1000 Quadri, the biggest social media community dedicated to the world of art, with about one million subscribers).

Alessia Fugazzola commented

With Sigfrido we wanted to develop a project dedicated to the social media public, an innovative way to describe how eyeglasses have changed over the years, from a simple medical device to an item of design, an accessory that could enhance the identity of the wearer.

In this context Sigfrido was able to define a leitmotif of inspired and charming works, which was combined with accurate and clear analyses”.

Sigfrido Millequadri declared

Our intention was to rediscover the symbolic character of glasses that inspired works by great artists of different historic periods, such as Caravaggio, De Chirico, De Lempicka and Dalì, but also the great designers of the 1900s, like Fede Cheti, in fact.

The initiative developed into a documentary designed to allow the members of our community and internet users to rediscover the artistic value of an object that is increasingly important in our daily lives and has become an element that is both iconic and distinctive.

The documentary

The documentary can be watched on the Fede Cheti and 1000 Quadri social media channels. It was made and produced in collaboration with Kuraro Video Social Video Team.