What distinguishes you from others on the eyewear market?

At a time when the entire eyewear world is moving in the direction of acetates and plastics, we have envisaged metal. We didn’t take trends into consideration but preferred to immediately establish a personal style, a perfect example of which is the design of our end pieces, a distinctive Eyepetizer feature.

What are the objectives behind your presence at SEE with Mido?

It is an important occasion because we have the chance to personally explain to end-customers our products’ characteristics and story. But not only that. We can immediately perceive the unfiltered reaction that our brand arouses in people. In other words, we are on the ground and it is very interesting.

What are the characteristics of your top model?

Our top product is sky blue Vedra with a silver frame. Its main characteristics are the same as those of all our products: extreme lightness, retro-inspired but modern design, the colors of the lenses and a variety of shapes for the fronts. Eyepetizer eyewear adorns faces perfectly.