The UEb project and an educational meeting with the public The Urban Energy Web (UEb) project interacts with the citizens of Feltre: at present, Certottica is focusing on “system START UP” through actions aimed at raising awareness about the system’s potential in the pilot area of Feltre.
In collaboration with the local administration and the Covenant of Mayors (Patto dei Sindaci), a meeting titled “Sustainable energy: heat better, consume less” was held at the end of November in the Auditorium of the “Tina Merlin” University campus.
As well as getting information about the correct use of wood for environment-friendly heating and about air quality in Feltre, a packed audience also watched the presentation of the platform for the Urban Energy Web project: a simulation demonstrated the few steps that will allow users to take advantage of the service’s potential. The energy consumed by the city of Feltre and individual dwellings can be read from the data available on the platform, thereby making citizens aware of consumption and enabling them to evaluate the possibility of using renewable sources of energy. Also explained was the underlying philosophy of the Energy Web City Platform, which includes interactive participation in decisional processes through dialogue among citizens, administrations and businesses. The meeting ended with a demonstration of how to register online to access the system from which, as mentioned above, it is possible to access all the data available in the platform and establish contacts.