Emmanuelle Khanh

Based on the historical energy and faithful to the original intentions of the brand created in 1969, Emmanuelle Khanh develops every season the perfect line of eyewear and fashion accessories. Each collection is created, developed and produced in France, handmade, piece by piece, in order to give a unique and modern point of view on how to wear fashion today.

For this 2015 collection, using natural colors and oversized shapes, mixing materials, such as acetate and metal, Emmanuelle Khanh focused on its own history. Khaki, tortoise shell, or light pastel colors combined to the geometrical, rounded, squared shapes of the glasses, give to this new collection all its strength, and uniqueness.

Emmanuelle Khanh is devoted to young men and women who are looking for high end, good quality products. Each collection is designed to fit trendy people’s desire to wear easy yet special products, edgy but casual style. In addition to this main line, Emmanuelle Khanh expanded to a headwear line all made in France.

Emmanuelle Khanh collections can be found in main specialized optical stores. Yet, they are available in fashionable and high end shops, department stores worldwide.