Eco wins the iF Design Awards

Eco FW19 Recycled metal collection by Modo has been awarded with the Gold distinction in this year’s prestigious iF Design Awards. This ollection of eyeglasses comes with a magnetic sun clip-on that with a simple snap, transforms them into sunglasses. The magnet is seamlessly integrated in the rim-lock of the slim metal frame and completely hidden from view.

All Eco glasses are made with recycled metal and biobased plastic derived from castor seeds. The aim  is to help people choose sustainability by making products that are more innovative, functional and beautiful.

Jury’s motivation was: “This sustainable eyewear collection is unique in many ways. It is modular, easily customizable  and highly functional. This eyewear collection combines incredibly lightweight metal frames with a seamlessly integrated sun clip-on made of bio-plastic. A sensational eyewear product!”.