Divel Italia: the Italian lens at MIDO 2018

Every lens is a small masterpiece of design. A distillation of technological performance and creative instinct. Beauty and reliability in every detail.

“Details matter”. Thanks to this philosophy Divel Italia has become a benchmark of excellence in high-end ophthalmic and sun lenses. The main global players in the eyewear segment appreciate the avant-garde reputation, the quality of the materials, the purity of design and the sophistication of the finishes that give its collections their elegance and bold creativity. Every creation is unique, the fruit of artisanal experience.
“Originality, quality and service are the values driving Divel Italia. A lens is not just a component in a pair of glasses but the key element giving our eyes emotion and innovation,” says CEO Claudio Marraccini.

On top of the Group’s ophthalmic collections, Blue Natural is the new generation lens with high protection from high energy blue light, while the exclusive Aurora 4D progressive lens adapts totally to the needs of the wearer through customized and optimized parameters.

Talking about “The Sun Glossary”, Divel Italia will be presenting the brand new Shimmer Collection at MIDO 2018: a delicate pastel palette, iridescent nuances and translucent finishes that instantly add the cool factor to any stylish sunglasses. These sixteen statement-making lenses have a two-tone effect – a basic color under a strong, contrasting coating – that changes when seen from different angles, lights and surfaces. This season sunglasses are all about personality.