Confindustria reveals new headquarters and 2017 economic data

The new headquarters of Confindustria Moda, the fashion, textile and accessories federation that Anfao is a member of, were opened yesterday in Milan near Arco della Pace. It also hosts MIDO’s offices.
At the opening, the 2017 figures for the textile, fashion and accessories sector were made public. Based on preliminary estimates made by Confindustria Moda’s Study Centre, the turnover in this sector –comprising footwear, tanned and leather goods, eyewear, goldsmith-jewelry and textile-clothing – has posted a growth of 3.2%, an increase that is approximately equivalent to 94.2 billion euro (provisional data).
The manufacturing complex represented by Confindustria Moda includes 66,751 companies operating in Italy, that are capable of hiring just under 581,000 employees. Over the course of the year, the number of companies has seen a 0.9% fall (equating to 624 less companies), whilst employee figures are characterized by a slight increase (+0.1%), an indication of a repositioning towards a new equilibrium point, resulting from a downsizing process that has impacted all the concerned sectors to varying degrees.
In 2017, the majority of growth in the “Textile, Fashion and Accessories” sector came from foreign markets once again, where exports on average increased by 5.2%, equating to just under 61.8 billion euro. In the period considered, some of the best performers, with double-digit growth, were leather goods, hides and fur skins, and jewelry. Less marked increases were noted in other segments, such as footwear and textile-clothing, with a growth of around 3.5% (these two segments constitute 15% and 49% of total exports respectively), and a 2.4% increase for eyewear.
At the same time, due to a year-on-year 3.1% increase, incoming flows total over 34 billion euro.
The “Textile, Fashion and Accessories” sector, ultimately reflecting a distinctive feature of the individual industries examined, has a significant trade surplus given its performance in foreign markets, that in 2017 totaled 27.7 billion euro. This surplus has increased by over 2 billion euro compared to the 2016 figure, constituting a 7.9% increase.

Ph. The opening ceremony.