Color of the Year 2019

Pantone Color Institute – the company that puts the spotlight on the main colors on the seasons’ runways and predicts global color trends – has decreed that Living Coral is Color of the Year 2019.
Vibrant yet delicate, Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral is a warm and affectionate embrace of a hue that conveys comfort and optimism in a constantly changing world.
With the invasion of digital technology and social media becoming an increasingly integral part of our daily lives, we seek genuine, engaging experiences that let us form personal bonds and intimacy. Convivial and vibrant, the appealing nature of this color is an invitation to enjoy carefree activities. Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral symbolizes our inherent need for optimism and joyful pastimes, and embodies our desire for playful expression.
The essence of modern life, it is all in all a reassuring natural color that is found in the natural world surrounding us, while also having an effervescent presence on social media.