COCO SONG: a precious journey from East to West


The new Coco Song collection, the top-of-the-range line of Area98, opens as a casket brimming with delights. Fronts modelled in alluring feline shapes, or more formally squared, are embellished with precious gemstone details and motifs in gold, almost as if these frames were tiaras belonging to an ancient, all-powerful Empress of the Qin Dynasty.

Coco Song_RIGHT GLORYIconic symbols of the world’s oldest civilisation have been retained, such as the dragon and the symbol of long life, here embellished and re-fashioned in an iconography of elegant opulence. Hard stones such as lapis lazuli, tiger’s eye, malachite and turquoises decorate the sidepieces of these frames in whose acetate precious silks, dried plants and rare birds’ feathers are enclosed. Each frame thus appears a unique masterpiece, able to enhance even the proud gaze of a personage who never deigned to ask to have a wish granted.

Coco Song_BEST DAY col.01The undisputed strength of this line lies doubtlessly in its details, such as the precious stone droplets gracing the sidepieces of HEART STONE, highlighted by their fret-patterned crafting. That ultimate symbol of power, the Imperial Dragon, becomes a key feature in the RIGHT GLORY frame, glowering like a protective guardian from the front.

BEST DAY owes its unusual brilliance to tiny dried sprigs; together with the bright colours of silk and enamelled metal accents on temples and tips, they give this acetate frame a regal character.

Bobo Cool col.02A stylised phoenix delicately alights on the butterfly frame front of the BOBO COOL model, featuring gradient lenses, while a delicate feather is glimpsed floating gently onto the surface of the temples.

Night Lights col.03An interplay of contrasting colours highlights the personality of the NIGHTS LIGHTS model: a wide, square shape with smoky lenses that echo the frame front tone. A metal inlay decorated in the oriental style and a light feather detail on the temples completes this frame. ROSE ROOM, too, displays beautiful ornamentation: the cat-eye frame front features elegant decorations seemingly executed by a master engraver. Lastly, the black gradient lenses are the perfect foil for the frame’s vibrant colour.

After Hours col.01An enamelled-metal fret pattern flows over the rim tops and temples of AFTER HOURS. The frame has a refined, feminine touch of colour to convey the allure of an intriguing woman whose gaze is hidden behind dark lenses.