The first Chopard eyewear with “track and verify” solution Coming soon is an important new development for Chopard by De Rigo Vision: the first project that protects consumers from counterfeiting. The new Chopard by De Rigo Vision eyewear collection incorporates a tracking and authentication system by Milan company Certilogo, the world leader for authentication solutions for branded products.
The Swiss brand has always been very aware about certifications that highlight the authenticity and originality of its products and this is why it decided to adopt the Certilogo technology, thanks to which Chopard eyewear is the first and only in the world whose authenticity can now be verified directly by consumers in real time.
Inserted in the end of the temple on all Chopard sun and optical models is an unequivocal Certilogo code number associated with particular tracking information. When verified in 9 languages on the Internet or via a dedicated app, it ensures that the selected eyewear is authentic before and after it is bought at any optical store or on the Internet. Simply go to or use the Certilogo app, register on Facebook, Google + or with a valid email account. After inserting the Certilogo code number printed on the eyewear and answering a few simple questions, you will receive a clear reply about the authenticity of the product.
De Rigo has been making and distributing gem eyewear for Chopard since 2005 and this initiative is thanks to its enterprise and willingness to protect consumers and guarantee that they buy authentic products.
“The new agreement with Chopard by De Rigo is another step forward in the development of the Certilogo project. Its aim is to make the service available to all players in the supply chain – from consumers to retailers, from online sellers to customs agencies – to prevent the spread of counterfeit products and develop relationships with all virtuous players who produce and distribute authentic products”, stated Daniele Sommavilla, Certilogo Vice President Global Sales. “Thanks to partnerships with some of the world’s most important brands and the continued spread of our system that is now used by many fashion and luxury brands, Certilogo has become the most used authentication platform at global level.”