Certottica and the European Commission review the new regulation for putting eyeglasses on the market

From big players to SMBs, all eyeglasses are and will be involved in the delicate passage from Directive 89/686 to the New Regulation disciplining Personal Protection Devices that came into effect on April 21: this is why Certottica brought together over 50 companies at a conference on the subject promoted under the auspices of Anfao.
The authoritative voice at the meeting was that of Mario Gabrielli Cossellu, who travelled from Brussels where he is part of the European Commission’s Directorate General for growth, the domestic market, industry and small businesses.
A “hot” topic that involves the entire sector: the New Regulation, for example, envisages the revision every 5 years of the certificates of compliance for eyeglasses. The declaration of conformity must be shown on the website or in the information leaflet where, under its own responsibility, the manufacturer must declare that the device that has been put on the market complies with the regulation.
“We will clarify the practical aspects of the New Regulation” – Gabrielli explained – “but I believe that today’s meeting was profitable not only for the participants but also for the European Commission which is interested in receiving requests, information and suggestions from those who work in the field. The lively debate that followed my presentation is a demonstration of the importance of the subject”. “These are critical days for the eyewear industry” – added Cristian Arboit, General Coordinator at Certottica – “and, as we did with the Directive of the 1980s, our Institute will monitor the evolution of the regulation and stand alongside businesses. Placing an optical product on the market needs knowledge and we were born to work with manufacturers on this process”.
“The meeting permitted direct contact with the European Commission” – concluded in the name of Anfao Marco Tappainer, member of the Association’s Technical Commission, President of EUROM1, and President of Ottica Fotonica UNI – “which enabled us to clarify the obligations and opportunities of this change. The information that must and should circulate among SMBs is essential for the correct application of the New Regulation”.