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Fedon supports San Martino hospital in Belluno

Fedon supports San Martino hospital in Belluno

Helping and supporting hospitals in their fight against COVID-19 during these difficult times is an important act of responsibility by companies and individuals alike. This is why Fedon has decided to support the San Martino hospital in Belluno by donating 400 Mr. Klar Anti Fog sprays for lenses and shields. The spray is effective not

Neubau Eyewear draws inspiration from the four elements of nature.

With a focus on respect for nature and for its resources, the new advertising campaign of Neubau Eyewear has been inspired by the four its elements, utilizing the paradox of nature’s resilience and fragility to create new eyewear styles for 2021. In settings ranging from the warm glow of the desert to a green oasis,

De Rigo e Diff Eyewear: distribution agreement for nNorth American optical market.

De Rigo announced the launch of DIFF Eyewear with the signing of an exclusive distribution deal, effective immediately. Under the multi-year agreement, De Rigo will be the sole distributor of both DIFF Eyewear sun and optical frames in the North American optical market made available through De Rigo REM’s sales channels, an LA-based subsidiary. DIFF

Italia Independent to carry out the capital increase operation.

The Board of Directors of Italia Independent Group S.p.A. delegated the Chief Executive Officer Marco Cordeddu to initiate the capital increase for a total of EUR 7.8 million (of which EUR 4 million already paid in by the reference shareholders Lapo Elkann and Creative Ventures Srl) in execution of the resolution passed at the Shareholders’

Fielmann AG acquires an 80 percent equity ownership stake in Óptica & Audiología Universitaria.

The Spanish optical shain Óptica & Audiología Universitaria, with about 400,000 glasses sold and more than € 100 million in sales (2019), currently operates 80 stores with more than 1,000 employees in Spain. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the company outperformed its competitors and gained market share during the ongoing fiscal year. The words of Marc