Art in Fashion

Tom Rebl’s new A/W 20-21 collection has a strong artistic imprint: the bond with Italy’s creative avant-garde is increasingly becoming the reference world for the German stylist. A part of the collection has a preference for geometrical shapes, as in the women’s tunics with square shoulders, the men’s shirts with prominent shoulders towards the outside, the black & white patterns for some trousers, the bodies in perfect Matisse style printed ton sur ton or in contrasting gold on sweatshirts and the back of a jacket.
As with other collections, Tom Rebl has created a partnership with an avant-garde Italian artist: Perry Colante. His visual language is a mixture of minimalist and neo-pop and perfectly conveys the ironic and contemporary side inherent in Tom Rebl’s fashion. Two images are printed on the sweatshirts: the first features a boy and a girl and is entitled Submission; the second portrays the stylist himself and is called Schweigen ist gold (silence is golden).

Another collaboration that is now consolidated is the one with Pasquale Bonfilio – the artisan hat maker from Apulia – who for 4 seasons has been designing headwear for the Tom Rebl collections.