Apro Spectacles

What distinguishes you from others on the eyewear market?

Apro Spectacles is the outcome of a passion for beautiful things. It is a brand that moves within Made in Italy with a well-defined design philosophy – the desire to give the eyewear world an original and innovative edge. Vintage lines that are also avant-garde: every model is a jewel of craftsmanship that delivers an incomparable sensory experience.

What are the objectives behind your presence at SEE with Mido?

Our presence at SEE with Mido is oriented toward giving more visibility to our special models and our brand. Apro Spectacles’ Italian personality is shown in manual workmanship, creativity, the ability to combine fashion with art, and the collaboration with designers who have written the history of eyewear by uniting comfort and elegance.

What are the characteristics of your top model?

We do not have top models. All our eyewear features transversal adhesive and is embellished with the name of a composition by Leopardi, Foscolo, Ungaretti and other masters of the past – a long way from the commercial stereotypes that are not part of a brand that takes advantage of the strength of tradition to tell stories with a new flavor.