The new Victory is in Sight campaign is about to start

OneSight, the eye care organization founded and sponsored by Luxottica, has launched the new “Victory is in Sight” campaign.
Its purpose is to increase awareness of the fact that “for many a simple pair of eyeglasses can make a huge difference” and to invite even more people to contribute to the cause through ONESIGHT.ORG/ACT.
The campaign will appear in movie theaters, in print, in outof- home circuits, online and also in a thousand stores in the LensCrafters chain in the United States.
The initiative includes the 30-second video, “VICTORY IS IN SIGHT”, showing how OneSight clinics and eye care centers help people in the fight to protect their eyesight.
The video is accompanied by other shorter films which show how the lives of many people have been changed thanks to the work of OneSight.
During the campaign, the organization will open its clinics – already widespread throughout the world – is San Diego, Cincinnati, Duluth, Kansas City, Washington D.C. and Charlotte.