Aesop arrives in Amsterdam!

Aesop – the famous luxury skincare brand from Australia – has entered the Dutch market with a store in Amsterdam designed by the Valentin Loellmann architectural firm. Located in a 17th century building, the store is geometrically structured from oval shapes: the room is surrounded with wood and arches that are a reminder of the store’s past as a pastry shop.  In tune with these structures and a characteristic of the new space, Loellmann has created a series of handmade compositions in wood and copper.

A walnut counter near the window and an area with basins in Belgian limestone are used for trying the products with an extensive view of the street.

Aesop was founded in Melbourne in 1987 and now offers its exclusive formulas in stores throughout the world. While the company evolves, design is always considered to be a paradigm for the creation of every space.