8Rosso Eyewear

What distinguishes you from others on the eyewear market?

8Rosso Eyewear is an all-Italian brand that emerges from the sector because of the successful combination of a very trendy style and materials of excellent quality. The strong point of the collection is the know-how applied to products that are enriched with a variety of colors to meet the tastes of a very demanding market.

What are the objectives behind your presence at SEE with Mido?

To get the brand known to, recognized and enjoyed by the general public. The brand was created to join a dynamic and creative environment and SEE with Mido is definitely an opportunity that perfectly suits the philosophy at the basis of a young brand that is ready to enter on the world of trendy eyewear.

What are the characteristics of your top model?

Like a rare jewel, Gold Diamond attracts all the attention and is the essence of the brand. It is a model with extremely attractive lines: soft, thick and even. 8Rosso Gold Diamond is alluring because of its luxurious, sparkling finishes in exquisite materials.