Training in Veneto will continue to be provided by Certottica

From marketing strategies to industry 4.0 through to administration and the changing regulations: following the approval of all 8 of the projects it presented within the latest memorandum of understanding signed by the Veneto Region and the ANFAO – Association of Italian Optical Goods Manufacturers – the region’s training in the eyewear sector will be provided by Certottica for a further three year period.

With the cooperation of its partner Reviviscar, Certottica’s initial experience began in 2016 and involved more than 100 companies in the sector, for more than 3,800 hours of training activities, workshops and consultancy. On the back of these results, the regional councillor Elena Donazzan and ANFAO decided to draw up a new memorandum of understanding under the European Social Fund, for the continued development of the sector by improving the skills and know-how of its human resources. A total sum of 1,500,000 euro will be on the table, with 50% of this to be funded by the Region and the sector’s trade association.

The competition for identifying training projects resulted in all of the 8 projects presented by Certottica’s Training Department being selected. Of these, 4 will target employed people, and are grouped together under the title “T4.O – Training for Organizations”, while another 4 will be for unemployed/out of work individuals – “POW-ER. People On Work EyeweaR”. Each of these main strands will be expanded with the support of Reviviscar, on the basis of requirements by companies and the market.

Specifically, there will be more than 4,600 hours of programmes involving a combination of workshops, training sessions of short/medium duration, outdoor training, consultancies, visits to practices and about a dozen training courses that will end with professional traineeships for new technical roles companies in the sector struggle to recruit.

The process is imminent and in order to illustrate in greater detail the various subject matters and training opportunities, Certottica is planning two seminars in its headquarters in Longarone on 9 July (indicatively from 9.00 am – 1.00 pm for people out of work and from 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm for issues that will be more relevant to people who are in employment).