28 Posti

The kitchen is the heart of the project for Milanese restaurant 28 Posti. Guests can see it along the obligatory short passage at the entrance and through a window in the dining room, thanks to which they can see the dishes being prepared. With this characteristic architectural project, the venue was returned to its original state and some new interior design features were added.
In January 2020 the restaurant asked designer Cristina Celestino to handle the new design project for its interior. She decided to maintain the stylistic features of 28 Posti that are associated with the concepts of authenticity, materials, simplicity and origin.

Colour was the first thing the project tackled: the chosen palette plays with natural materials wood with different finishes, terracotta by Fornace Brioni, natural waxed iron, in addition to a desaturated blue, an earthy grape marc colour, and the chalk white of the longitudinal walls.

On the ceiling, restored original wooden beams alternate with a field of desaturated blue. Lighting is provided by pendant lamps in micro-perforated sheet by Spanish company Arturo Alvarez, which look as light as paper.

Cristina Celestino conceived and designed an interior that is a continuation of the image that patrons associate with 28 Posti, a venue imbued with an identity that has been consolidated but continues to evolve.