100 years of Bauhaus at MIDO

The new special edition “Walter & Wassily” of neubau eyewear, available in retail outlets from April, has been exhibited during last MIDO.
As a homage to Bauhaus, the open stall is constructed out of geometrical shapes, while the choice of materials is also referencing the Bauhaus period, appearing at once both vintage and modern. The Bauhaus furniture inside the stall completes the concept.
In terms of design, this year’s crop of neubau eyewear frames once again come out firmly on the progressive side. While iconic Bauhaus-designed originals these days tend to end up locked away in museums, the sunglasses model Walter & Wassily by neubau eyewear revitalizes the influential art school’s original idea of blending fine art and crafts in design objects for everyday use. The model Walter & Wassily, a homage to Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius and the painter Wassily Kandinsky, initiates a dialogue between design and the human being, transporting the Bauhaus style into the here and now, just in time for the Bauhaus centenary.