Vuarnet all set to captivate the Big Apple

Vuarnet has opened its first American boutique in the heart of New York City. A fitting return to it origins: it was in the United States that everything began in 1960, when Jean Vuarnet was crowned Olympic downhill champion at Squaw Valley. Subsequently, the brand became a social phenomenon in the1980s, when the phrase “It’s a Vuarnet Day, today” was used by various radio anchors when talking about a “sunny day”.
The inauguration of this first store in the Nolita district took place on Saturday, July 14, a symbolic date for France. “For us, opening on a French national holiday is a very important sign; it is a time of great celebration in France and we wanted to share this passion and enthusiasm with the United States” stated company president Lionel Giraud.
The shop will display all the sunglasses, beachwear and skiwear collections as well as limited and exclusive editions.