Wearable architecture

For its autumn winter 2019-2020 collection, Arthur Arbesser, a women’s wear fashion brand founded in Milan by the homonymous Austrian designer, chooses to concentrate on something intimate and familiar: his studio. If the interior space is handled like a space for thought, the outside facilitates a dialogue with the city of Milan, its people and history.

Designed by the architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni, the building, which is home to the atelier, faces onto one of the oldest and best-known squares of Milan: Sant’Ambrogio

This atmosphere of “old Milan” relives in the colour palette of Arbesser’s garments: the shades range from white, cream and strong brown, followed by lilac, golds and full-bodied reds.

The precision of the architecture, on the other hand, is echoed in the grid-like patterns that recall abacus intersections and multi-coloured squares, which have become a stylistic signature of the brand.