Transitions Optical Launches Microsite with Educational Resources on the Need for Sun Protection Solutions

o increase the number of conversations between eyecare professionals and patients on the importance of sun protection solutions for the eyes and skin, Transitions Optical has released a microsite, found at, featuring educational resources that eyecare professionals can learn from and share with patients. The materials were developed based on the insights and best practices shared during a panel discussion of eye and skin health experts and medical professionals, held in Ottawa on April 24, 2017.

Research tells us that as an industry we still have much work to do in terms of raising the general 316-Transitionspublic’s awareness of the fact that the sun’s UV rays can damage our eyes, just like our skin,” said Patience Cook, director, North America marketing, Transitions Optical. “It was invaluable to have this group of well-respected eye health and dermatology experts in one room to discuss the communication strategies that work for them when discussing sun protection with their patients. We’re pleased to be sharing these materials in the summer because it’s when most people have sun protection on their mind. However, we wish to change the mindset from sun protection being synonymous with summer to being something that’s thought about all year long.”

The page features the following downloadable materials that eyecare professionals can use to create more dialogue around sun protection for the eyes and skin:

  • Consumer brochure

  • In-office poster

  • Social media Images

To bring more eyecare professionals into the sun protection conversation, Transitions Optical has published a white paper titled “Building Awareness: Engaging Canadian Millennials About Sun Protection Solutions.” The paper reports on current attitudes and behaviours of Millennials, Canada’s most represented generation in the workforce; strategies for connecting with Millennials; and a concrete plan of action that should be implemented moving forward. The paper, as well as video clips of key discussion moments that took place during the event, can be found at

Sun Protection Solutions Statement Petition

During the panel, the participants agreed that dermatology, eyecare and primary care physicians and professionals should use a similar, simple message when talking to patients about protecting their eyes and skin from the sun. A Proposed Sun Protection Solutions Statement from the panelists is posted on the website, and Transitions Optical urges eyecare professionals to sign the petition to show their support if they agree with the proposed statement M&S and MacuHealth will soon be launching cooperative programs together to help ECPs purchase M&S contrast sensitivity technology or upgrade existing M&S technology in their practices. These programs will combine the power of advanced vision testing with the power of better vision and macular health through supplementation with MacuHealth.