The XXI Istituto Zaccagnini Interdisciplinary Meeting

On Sunday 22nd and Monday 23rd April 2018, the Hotel Savoia Regency Congress Center in Bologna will host the 21st edition of the Istituto Zaccagnini Interdisciplinary Meeting.
The theme that will be the focus of reports, debates and round tables will be “The anterior segment: vision sciences’ solutions, from innovation to fighting social and environment changes”.
Speakers will provide an outlook that goes beyond one that is strictly tied to optics and ophthalmology, and the theme will be contextualized with discussion of the effects of anterior segment disorders on people’s lives. As per this meeting’ tradition and defining characteristic, the event will be an opportunity for specialists and researchers from every discipline dealing with vision and eye health quality to meet, with those in the field of optometry at the forefront.
The meeting will see wide-ranging participation from international speakers, particularly from English universities that have well-established links with the institute. Lastly, time will be given to considering the prospects of the profession, culture, and study of optometry.
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