The new vision of MIC

MIC will be making its debut at MIDO 2018. The outcome of the desire of a group of entrepreneurs from the Cadore area to create a “territorial eyewear brand”, it aims at blending the tradition of typically Italian know-how with innovation in design and research. Susi Tabacchi, managing director of Immagine98, the lead company on this project, described MIC to WMIDO.

How was the MIC brand created?
MIC is the outcome of a vision by a group of companies and professionals associated with the territory of Cadore. This project was an idea of Tiziano Tabacchi: he brought me into this initiative together with Immagine98 CEO Giovanni Torossi, in the field of distribution, as well as some manufacturing companies in Cadore for production, and MISE, an agency for visuals and marketing (the owner doesn’t come from Cadore but is profoundly passionate about this area).
The objective is to present a collection that starts from the origins and, through a new brand, conveys and interprets what was the cradle of the Italian eyewear industry.

So it’s not just a brand…
Absolutely not. MIC is also an ambitious project that retraces forgotten paths on a rediscovery of the beauty and purity of its origins.
It is a project for a “territorial eyewear brand” that unites various professions that share a great passion: the Dolomites and the craftsmanship of the eyewear created at the foot of these mountains.

Why did you decide to make your debut at MIDO?
Apart from being the sector’s main international exhibition and absolutely the most prestigious showcase, MIDO is, first and foremost, a traditional Italian fair. It is the fair that was set up in the 70s by a group of visionary and farsighted Italian entrepreneurs who wanted to bring prestige to an excellent accessory from our country.
In our own small way, we want to restore the prestige specifically tied to the eyewear industry that was created in the district of Belluno and went on to become a world leader. We want to talk about it starting from its origins, from its values of craftsmanship, quality and style. And we will be inspired by the land and its natural beauty.

What type of layout have you chosen for your stand at MIDO and why?
At MIDO we will have an original Apecar positioned in front of pavilions 1 and 3 on Corso Italia. It will have a maxi screen showing a stimulating video dedicated to our territory, a showcase of eyewear, but, above all, it will host antique items from the mountains such as old wooden skis, a sledge or snowshoes. In short, a small corner in which you can breathe the air of Cadore!
The idea is to create an original and exciting setting. MIC is a brand that aims to convey the essence of the simple things that surround us.
It is designed primarily to put across an image, to attract the public’s attention. The entire collection will be available at the stand of Immagine98, which handles distribution.

What are your expectations for the launch at the fair?
We expect that the people who see our eyewear will recognize the value of our project. It isn’t just a fine collection; it is also the launch of a message and the philosophy behind it.
We are interested in seeing the reaction of our clients and the agents and distributors we work with. Their reaction will be important, but we’re also interested in those of the potential new clients we will meet at the exhibition to find out if they will embrace a project to which we have dedicated so much energy.

What is the reference target?
MIC targets over-30 sophisticated consumers. Men and women who are knowledgeable about what they buy and have a critical spirit. People who choose MIC eyewear not only for its aesthetics and quality, but also for the meaning that lies behind it. Because by choosing MIC they know that they are wearing a piece of Italian tradition and a masterpiece that is the pride of our country.

What will the first collection include?
The collection is composed of twelve models – 8 prescription glasses and 4 sunglasses. The distinctive feature of all the eyewear is the metal detail on the temple at the level of the hinge: it is an understated iconic element representing the profile of the mountains.
In fact the Dolomites are the subject that links the choice of colors for the frames and the definition of the lines: the warm hues of metal recall nature, the colors of the acetates are mainly those of the mountain landscapes and their elements, like the marble effect or havana models with green and yellow coloring. The names of the eyewear also pay homage to the surrounding region.

In which markets will you develop distribution first and how will it be organized?
The aim is to be present in Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands by the end of the year with direct distribution. In April we will start in Canada through a distributor.
We target select opticians who can embrace our project and don’t just sell the product but also convey our vision and our philosophy to the end consumer.