The future of eyewear through the eyes of the designer.

Lionel Bellet, designer and president of Xit Eyewear, a Marseille-based company that has established itself on the market with a cutting-edge product, illustrates his vision of eyewear to WMIDO.

What is your mission?

My mission is to continue to design and make glasses in the same spirit: beauty (I hope), simplicity (I try), locally manufactured (I insist).

Which direction is the design of your glasses taking?

I have been a designer for a long time… My designs draw from my culture, my tastes, my love and my desires. So in the next collections you will always find acetate in all shapes and colours, because it is a material that I like to work with and combine with metal, for example.

What is the future of avant-garde eyewear?

Ophthalmic corrective lenses, which project a virtual allogeneic image of your choice: unicorns, a forest, peace in the world… or beautiful glasses.

What are your plans for MIDO 2021?

To be there!