Tenth Nau! store opens its doors in Emilia-Romagna

With the opening of a new store in Modena, Nau! celebrated its tenth point of sale in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna. The store is located on the major Roman road that passes through the city, known as the “Route 66” of Italy.
The group’s spirit, which is characterized by state-of-the-art design, multi-colour tones, stylish details, and a permanent focus on environmental sustainability, is made abundantly clear from the store’s large window display.
The new store’s location highlights the brand’s vocation for glamour: whether it be prescription glasses or sunglasses, eyewear is a fashion accessory that can be matched with the wearer’s daily look, playing with different shapes and colours.
The store’s distinctive features are the use of recycled materials for the interior decoration and the design of the space as a “comfort” experience, in which eyewear is an accessory that defines the face of its wearer. The store offers a free-of-charge eye check-up service performed by qualified opticians and optometrists who receive continuous training and are assisted by the most advanced technology, as well as a service centre for maintenance and minor repair works.