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Safilens announces a new partnership agreement with the Dutch firm Oté

Safilens announces a new partnership agreement with the Dutch firm Oté

Safilens announces a new partnership agreement with the Dutch firm Oté. As the result of a mutually advantageous effort begun 10 years ago between the two R&D departments for the development of innovative products, the partnership combines the two companies’ manufacturing expertise and sales teams. It will focus primarily on new formulations of contact lens solutions

Safilens focuses on Germany with MPG&E

Safilens has appointed MPG&E as exclusive distributor of its products in Germany for the next five years. Based in Bordesholm in the north of Germany, MPG&E specializes in the sale of contact lenses and associated maintenance products. It is an independent distributor that supplies opticians and optometrist with high-quality products that come from all over

Safilens has a new Benelux distributor

Safilens announces its new partnership with Belgian distributor, LensGroup BVBA. It will be the exclusive distributor of its products in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg for the next 6 years. With more than 400,000 customers, LensGroup BVBA is one of Europe’s three largest e-commerce businesses specializing in contact lenses and lens care products. The Antwerpbased

Tailwinds for Safilens

Safilens is continuing its partnership with the Sistiana Sailing Team of Diporto Nautico Sistiana association, which is well-known for its performance onboard regatta yacht AnyWave. After the team-building experience in the Bay of Sistiana – which the company gifted its Italian salesforce last September – Safilens is now the Sistiana Sailing Team sponsor for all

Advance Healthcare new distributor for Safilens in Singapore

Safilens has announced a new partnership with Singapore distributor Advance Healthcare Pte Ltd, specializes in distributing baby care products, surgical items, OTC drugs, healthcare supplements and medical devices. Under the 3-year agreement, Advance Healthcare Pte Ltd becomes the sole distributor of its Safe-Gel, Fusion and Open product ranges in Singapore. “Singapore, where more than 23%

Safilens launches open 30 presbyo

Safilens has launched its Open 30 Presbyo, a new monthly silicone-hydrogel lens for presbyopia which uses an innovative afocal design patented by the company. The lens is neither multi-focal nor progressive but features a small hyper-refractive central area that keeps paraxial optical rays out of the retinal image. “Afocal design offers multiple benefits: it prevents

Anvisa registration for Safilens

Safilens is about to take over the Brazilian market too. After being approved by the Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), its Fusion and Open lenses can now be sold to customers and patients in Brazil. Fusion and Open will be distributed by the local Open Vista do Brasil subsidiary based in São Paulo. “We are