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Original Penguin confirms Kenmark Eyewear

Original Penguin confirms Kenmark Eyewear

Kenmark announced the renewal of its exclusive license agreement for the development, production and worldwide distribution of eyewear for the Original Penguin brand. Kenmark Eyewear has partnered with Original Penguin since 2011 and this new agreement will run to 2024. Through this partnership, the company has launched segments that include Original Penguin optical, Original Penguin optical sun

Safilo and David Beckahm have signed a licensee agreement

Safilo Group and global icon David Beckham announced a global ten-year agreement for the eponymous license for sunglasses and prescription glasses. The first David Beckham eyewear collection will launch in January 2020. “Safilo has a long history of creating high quality eyewear brands. I wear sunglasses all the time and this is a category that

Som Eyewear acquires the worldwide exclusive licence for Aeronautica Militare

Som Eyewear and Aeronautica Militare, the official brand of the same branch of the Italian armed force, combine their expertise and give life to a commercial collaboration, announcing the signing of an exclusive license agreement for the design of the frames of the eyewear collection, which logo will be “Aeronautica Militare“. The “Aeronautica Militare” is