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The future is “progressive”

Between the end of June and the start of September the city of Florence hosted the “Progressive Business Forum”, during the course of which the subject of presbyopia and progressive lenses was analysed, from different perspectives. We discuss the topic with Paolo Pettazzoni, Deputy Chairman of ANFAO and Chairman of the Lenti Group. Why did ANFAO choose

All the potential of progressive lenses

Florence’s Palazzo dei Congressi conference centre will be playing host to the “Progressive Business Forum” from 30 June to 1 July. The event is organised by B2Eyes-Fabiano Publishing, in conjunction with the SOI – the Italian Ophthalmological Society. In the run-up to the event, a press conference was held in Milan entitled “Presbyopia, easily-made mistakes:

Training in Veneto will continue to be provided by Certottica

From marketing strategies to industry 4.0 through to administration and the changing regulations: following the approval of all 8 of the projects it presented within the latest memorandum of understanding signed by the Veneto Region and the ANFAO – Association of Italian Optical Goods Manufacturers – the region’s training in the eyewear sector will be