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A colourful campaign

A colourful campaign

The new Superflex Kids campaign visuals portray the brand’s vision: to express your colourful self. Designed with real kids in mind, the campaign images evoke feelings of playfulness and excitement through their vibrant colors and sense of summertime fun.  The sun is shining and summer is in full swing at this outdoor pool party. The images

The new Götti advertising campaign

The new campaign for the Götti Switzerland glasses collection was shot in the exact place where most of its ideas originated: at designer Sven Götti’s home. Götti invited all the models to his apartment for a day, along with fashion photographer Zosia Prominska. There is spontaneity abound in the new campaign, as the imagery and

True colors

Mykita tenth advertising campaign is created by its along-time collaborator and friend: Mark Borthwick. The campaign continues in the character-driven theme of the previous year while introducing a fresh, colour-saturated aspect to the images. Mykita next generation of eyewear models are presented in a rich and vibrantly-hued portrait series. Late-summer sunlight illuminates and warms the

Transitions Optical Invites a New Generation of Transitions Lens Wearers to Share Experiences and “Live the Good Light”

Transitions Optical is launching its new advertising campaign in Canada called “Live the Good Light™”, with a focus on engaging and attracting a younger generation of single-vision wearers to the photochromic lens category. The campaign brings the Transitions brand to life by educating consumers on adaptive lens technology through both indoor and outdoor experiences. The