Saraghina introduced for MIDO 2019 the project “Eye am”

Be yourselves without giving up being always different. This is “Eye Am”, the project Saraghina introduced for MIDO 2019.
Not only a brand, not only a slogan, but a real lifestyle: throw away old patterns behind, overcome your own boundaries, steer away from homologation, regain your freedom and express your identities.
In this context eyewear express its true identity: no longer just a fashion accessory, but a statement of one’s own personality, the unique and unrepeatable artwork within each and everyone of us. Bright and colourful when the soul ignites, dark and stern when things get tougher, clean and rigorous when we feel “upright”. Different, but always consistent with ourselves.
Once again Saraghina is the flag-bearer of change in the eyewear world, a perfect match for its DNA. it is a factory that never closes and at MIDO 2019 lights a beacon on art and our planet’ sustainability: 1.000.000 multicoloured plastic straws has composed a never seen before installation. Each of those straws would take 500 years to biodegrade in nature. A small contribution to the environment that arises from an ethical project dictated by the design skills of Stefano Ronci, the art of Francesca Pasquali and the courage of the founder Angelo Di Stefano.
“Eye Am ” is therefore declined in” Art “. Art to create awarness, to develop a new sensibility.
For developing this message, four unique design pieces, personally created by the artist Stefano Ronci, through the “creative reuse” of plastic materials, transforming glasses, the accessory for excellence, into pure art.
And this is only the first of the “Eye Am Art” projects that Saraghina is setting up following the leitmotif of eco-sustainable art. The company will be the testimonial for environmental sustainability within everyone’s reach.