Safilo: 100% nickel-free production processes implemented

Safilo have started employing 100% nickel-free production processes in their Longarone plant. Two years after beginning lab tests in nickel-free production, the company has managed to develop nickel-free and non-cyanide galvanic processes, that are now fully verified and employed throughout all its production lines.
Thanks to a five-million-euro investment over the last two years in the research and development of new technologies (with almost one million invested in galvanic surface treatments for guaranteed product excellence), the innovative and certified nickel-free production processes represent the company’s latest achievement in a series of development projects carried out at the Longarone plant that concern sustainability, environmental impact and safety. These projects include the recovery of precious metals, the reuse of industrial waters, consequently reducing water extraction and eliminating effluents, reducing CO2 emissions in the environment, lowering risk levels, and improving safety conditions for workers. Indeed, Safilo has acquired the leading quality, safety and social responsibility certifications: the most recent is the ISO 50001 energy certification, awarded for an efficient usage of energy, the use of environmentally low-impact materials, and the reduction of CO2 emissions, continually monitored thanks to external checks of the various manufacturing methods and technologies employed.
Around one thousand employees are currently employed in Longarone, and the site, which deals primarily with metalworking, is the largest of the company’s four Italian plants located in the Veneto, Friuli and Lombardy regions.