‘Rebelle, Rebelle’: the new campaign of Alain Mikli

The new campaign draws inspiration from the creative fluidity of the late 1970’s and 1980’s. Influenced by the playful and provocative photography of Antonio Lopez, whose cinematic work dominated the era. The campaign set design was styled as an 80’s industrial artist loft with the likes of New Order and David Bowie bouncing off the empty set walls.
The campaign offers a fresh point of view, using the feminine perspective, empowering both female photographer and model. Through the use of a vintage Polaroid camera and Instamatic lenses, fashion photographer, Alana O’Herlihy was able to freely focus on the creative nature of the shoot. O’Herlihy’s natural ability to encapsulate raw and intimate moments brought this campaign to life. Rising talents Cuba Tornado Scott and Luka Isaac star in the campaign, experimenting with gender role reversal through the female gaze.
“When thinking about this campaign, I thought about which version of the Mikli woman I wanted to portray. Both the brand and the campaign are deeply rooted in the 70’s and 80’s. This era was influenced by male photographers that were predominantly behind the camera. I liked the idea of shifting this perspective by having a woman capture these moments instead. Alana felt like the natural choice because of her ability to depict the female spirit in a bold but playful way. When casting, Cuba instantly came to mind as I reremembered her strong attitude that exuded from the pages of magazines. Once on set, their self-confidence matched each other perfectly and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the images,” said Giampiero Tagliaferri, Creative Director of Alain Mikli.