The project Ray-Ban Studios goes on…

Ray-Ban Studios is a living hub of music innovation and inspiration. A platform with individuality as its driving force, collaboratingwith the cutting edge electronic musicians shaping the scene right now. A space for artists to share their life stories, beyond thestage personas, and to celebrate their journeys into sound.Taking form in exclusive collaborations, campaigns and immersive hubs at music festivals around the world, Ray-Ban Studios takes Ray-Ban’s synergy with music into new and uncharted dimensions. New York DJ duo the Martinez Brothers were first to takethe reigns, followed by world-renowned DJ, Nina Kraviz. Now, it announces its collaboration with sonic innovator, Peggy Gou.

DJ, producer, fashion icon: Gou is a modern polymath, but her sense of self is timeless. Her unique sound – playful and pumping,fusing house and techno with abstract compositions – has permeated electronic club culture for the last few years. She was the first Korean woman to play Berghain. Legions of fans scream her name when she takes to stages around the world.

Born in Korea and residing in Berlin – the beating heart of the techno scene – Gou’s journey into music was unpredictable andunstoppable. Her fashion background came into play in her Ray-Ban Studios collaboration, which sees for the first time inRay-Ban’s history, an accessory being sold alongside sunglasses. The gold sunglass chain, complete with Gou’s initials,compliments her two gold leather tipped frames: square with grey-blue polar lenses, and oval with violet lenses.

The Feel Your Beat campaign with Gou connects on a real level with what drives her as a musician. Her world is composed of diverse forces: a balance between urban noise and calming nature. She is a global star but her home in South Korea is where she feels most relaxed, a place to recharge and reconnect. Gou is an artist, and that takes many expressions. Whether electrifying fans at the club, laying down tracks in the studio, orcollaborating on exclusive projects, her output is an extension of her individuality. Her beat is all her own.