Prisme Optical presents its new divisions

Prisme Optical Group president Richard Stortini is extremely happy to inform to the Canadian ECP MARKET that we have two divisions. ‘’Signature’’ and ‘’Createur’’ is what you will be able to recognize from now on at Prisme Optical Group.

Since its creation in 1994, Prisme Optical Group has continuously refined and expanded its expertise in prisme_optical_logoexclusive eyewear. Already recognised for it’s broad portfolio Prisme Optical Group is introducing The Signature and Creator divisons that will coordinate efforts to provide you with a wide range of new eyewear frame products. Still, every high end collection reputed at Prisme Optical Group will stay because they are the weave of trusting and lasting bond in which each partners contributes to the success of the other.

The ‘’Createur’’ division

The ‘’Createur’’’ division is aptly named because it will regroup our existing portfolio of exclusive renowned eyewear designer brands that we are offering for many years. You will find upscale and famous collections regrouped together such as, Orgreen, Façonnable, Paul & Joe, Frédéric Beausoleil, Cogan, Xavier Garcia, Tartine et Chocolat, Oliver Goldsmith, Belstaff and so on.

The ‘’Signature’’’ division

To meet the demands of the Canadian market looking for branded products, The ‘’Signature’’’ division is the latest novelty at Prisme Optical Group since it includes 5 new collections. Popular with a well established reputation and recognized in the fashion world, the products of those 5 made in France collections maintain the high quality standards required to be distributed at Prisme Optical Group. For us, this new division will allow Prisme Optical Group to grow and expand our choice of products.

We are very proud to present Azzaro, Loris Azzaro, Chantal Thomass, Charriol and Zilli as our new High end frame products.

For personality, unique and timeless style, they are a plus value for every optical specialist out there.