Ørgreen Optics has a new exclusive distributor in Canada

Effective since July 1st, 2018 – Orgreen + Goldsmith LLC, the North American subsidiary of Ørgreen Optics, will be appointed as the exclusive distributor of Ørgreen Optics products in Canada. Orgreen + Goldsmith LLC will be responsible for all sales, distribution and customer support for all Orgreen Optics products to existing and future Canadian customers.
Orgreen + Goldsmith LLC achieved outstanding results in the US in the past years and with their extensive distribution experience, it was just matter of time to extend their role to the Canadian market as well. The new structure will include Dave Randhawa as an agent for western Canada and Christophe Muszynski for Eastern Canada.
“We have been working incredibly hard in the past year. We created a very skilled team that has already made an impact in our US market. With Øgreen Optics being our mother company it becomes easier (compare to a normal distributor) to support all our clients from a promotional and customer service perspective and this has been a great advantage for our clients. The positive results in the US market have of course facilitated the decision by Ørgreen Optics to extend this winning model to Canada as well,” says Lars Toftdahl, President at Orgreen + Goldsmith LLC.
“We have very ambitious plans for the North America region. It took us some time to understand the market and build the appropriate structure and network but it ́s now fully in place. I am very confident that Orgreen + Goldsmith LLC will be of great support to all our Canadian customers as well and of course extend our penetration in the market,” says Henrik Ørgreen CEO at Ørgreen Optics.