The New “Fysh is” 2019 eyewear campaign

The campaign is a reflection of the brand in many ways. It is an expression of both the collection and the Fysh women through patterns, art, bold color and fashion. The images are bright, colorful, and vibrant, with a mix of geometric patterns that are in line with the eyewear and sunwear collections.

Celebrating the Fysh woman who is confident, feminine, unconventional, creative, fearless, flawless and unstoppable, she brings out the best in others and herself. She is independent, intelligent and adds to the conversation. She celebrates life at every moment in style and with passion.

The interactive and engaging messaging “Fysh is…” features a fill-in-the-blank with a descriptive word that is synonymous to the brand. The campaign is an ode to the individuality of women. The Fysh women are many things and we want women to share who they are and their stories with us. Having an interactive campaign allows the brand to share the authentic stories of hundreds and thousands of women who wear and support the brand. It provides the opportunity to understand what is most important to woman when describing their personalities, styles and what motivates them in life. The campaign will be rolled out onto social media, where customers and clients can connect with the brand and express what “Fysh is” to them.