Multi-purpose ReNu MultiPlus„µ and ReNu MPS by Bausch & Lomb Solutions

A recent study highlighted that many soft contact lens wearers, including wearers of silicon hydrogel lenses, would like a single solution that makes you feel like you¡¦re wearing new lenses all day long, that lets you wear contacts all day without worrying, so you can even forget you are wearing them.

That¡¦s why, as many eye-care specialists confirm, multi-purpose ReNu MultiPlus and ReNu MPS are the proven choice for soft contact lens wearers looking for the healthy, comfortable option.

ReNu MultiPlus guarantees excellent performance, proven to be the healthy, effective choice for soft contact lenses. Clinically tested, this solution contains all the phases of lens care in a single bottle:

. as comfortable and fresh as a new pair of lenses;
. contains Hydranate, to remove protein deposits and prevent accumulation;
. contains Dymed, to disinfect and effectively destroy harmful microorganisms on the lens;
. contains Poloxamina, for better lubrication and comfort;
. allows on-going lens moisturizing.

ReNu MPS is a gentle, sterile solution, especially suitable for sensitive eyes.

It has been especially designed for everyday use, to clean, disinfect, lubricate, rinse, and store soft contact lenses, including silicon hydrogel lenses.

It contains Poloxamina, which removes proteins and improves lubrication for clearer vision; DYMED kills germs and Boric Acid-EDTA, sodium borate and sodium chloride, which buffer and stabilize the solution for maximum comfort.

ReNu MultiPlus and ReNu MPS are the latest multi-purpose solutions created to meet the requirements of lens wearers who want the very best in soft contact lens care.