MILANO XL is on its way

From last September 12 to Monday 24 September, the centre of Milan is taken over by six “cubes”, designed to transform the city into a stage revealing the stories behind high-quality production chains, and those which have made the “Made in Italy” brand unique in the world. Eyewear brings the fifth installation to life.

Six cube-shaped installations put the spotlight on the 2018 Milano XL “MOSTRA-DIMOSTRA” (“SHOW-DEMO”) event. The project has been set up to celebrate Italian excellence in all things beautiful and well-made, and is the result of an agreement between the Italian Ministry for Economic Development, the Municipality of Milan, and Confindustria, with the invaluable collaboration and support of the ICE agency.
The creative project was entrusted to the artistic direction of Luca Stoppini, and develops the theme of sustainability. The six cubes (dotted around the city centre) serve as true “mini-pavilions” with a distinct character that can be explored by the public by following a set pathway. Three of the external walls are covered in mirrors that reflect the surrounding architecture. The fourth external wall is a LED-wall screening the film “Verde Milano” (“Green Milan”) by young director Antonio Spanò. This short film tackles the issue of eco-sustainability and follows a path through the most famous and beautiful gardens and green areas hidden around the city. The film is interrupted by “visual interference” at regular intervals, identifying the original product sector of each pavilion and its geographic location. Inside the pavilions there is an “expository wall” and a “demo wall”.
Five cubes are dedicated to five product/manufacturing sectors, as well as the trade organizations/fairs that represent them and form Confindustria Moda together, an “association of associations”: Anfao (eyewear), Federorafi (jewellery), Cosmetica Italia, Unic (Italian tanneries) and Milano Unica (textiles).
The sixth installation, located in Piazza della Scala, looks visibly different from the others on the outside as it is intended to be an “Informative Billboard” for the event, and witness to sharing themes of sustainability with the National Chamber of Italian Fashion.

Eyewear plays a leading role in MILANO XL
Cube 5I6 is dedicated to eyewear. The installation is designed as a rendezvous point between theatre and the history of eyewear.
The expository wall features a selection of contemporary models from member brands of Anfao, chosen for meeting sustainability criteria (the leitmotiv of the project).
The basic idea is to highlight those projects/products which have encouraged on one hand the use of natural materials or those with a low ecological impact, and on the other hand a revision of production processes in order to reduce waste during production and eliminate those processes with a greater environmental impact. From the point of view of social sustainability, attention is paid to how companies treat their employees, suppliers, clients, the surrounding environment and the human and social ecosystems in which they are located, rewarding any appreciation of traditional know-how and sustainable, harmonious innovation.
The demo wall, on the other hand, is a type of stage presenting a “show” created and directed by young theatre director Fabio Cherstich. Historic collection items from the Museum of Eyewear of Pieve di Cadore stars in a tale that uses surreal elements to show the story, strength and tradition of the eyewear industry.