Blackfin will bring to MIDO a brand new booth

Blackfin has made cutting-edge product design one of its milestones; its techno-glamour turning point also needed to be acknowledged in the booth ready to be unveiled at MIDO before an international audience. A container that is also the content, not just a sales space but a place for sharing. Sharing of values, of entrepreneurial vision, of a setting in which doing business is also associated with a relaxed cup of coffee, with the feeling that you are a part of something, on a shared journey of growth.
The architecture of the new booth epitomizes the brand’s philosophy. Metal sculpted into form, the black envelope opens to welcome visitors with an impressive gold wall. Inside, the Blackfin concept takes shape through straightforward displays that narrate the products and their story with videos and objects that are an integral part of the narrative. A soaring LED wall towers over the space. The white interior symbolizes the clarity and technical skills that bring elegance into being. Placed almost in opposition, a private area, entirely clad in black metal, ensures the collections can be shown to visitors in a near-intimate setting.

Design: Architect Nicola De Pellegrini / Anidride Design