MIC’s winter view

Silhouettes, shapes and colors – all elicit the majestic backdrop of the Dolomites in the MIC-Made in Cadore Fall/Winter 2019 collection.

The brand that pays tribute to the birthplace of Italian eyewear takes the pristine natural setting of the Cadore as inspiration in its timeless optical and sun eyewear. Every stylistic and color choice in these frames narrates the energy and beauty of their native region. Hallmark feature of every style is the temple detail at the hinge that, just like the brand’s logo, calls to mind the silhouette of the Dolomite mountains.

For the audacious woman, Clorofilla pops with a real, true explosion of style details. Dual rims emphasize the cat-eye shape that, along with the congenial pairing of acetate and metal, heighten the intrinsic sensuality of this very feminine frame. The Cascata sun version is also designed to turn heads. Its oversized squared front is framed with a slender metal profile that lends added flair through an artistic interplay of negative and positive space.

Vintage appeal is the password for the men’s styles. With its squared shape, the combined Fiume style is ideal for the elegant man who demands a classic accessory, but one with clearly contemporary temperament. For the eye-catching modern man, the all-metal Ossigeno is a breath of fresh air. The double-bridge and an innovative geometric shape make this style unique while also delivering the perfect blend of functionality and sophistication.