Menrad invests in Mondottica

Mondottica International Group and Ferdinand Menrad Group have announced an investment by Menrad in Mondottica, leading to a minority but substantial shareholding of Mondottica’s shares.
According to Mondottica’s founder and CEO, Michael Jardine, “This is the culmination of nearly fours
years in partnership with Menrad with our Mondottica Germany distribution joint venture. We have worked closely with the Menrad team in German speaking markets and see great synergies for future growth when we work together in other parts of the world”.
When asked about future plans, Michael Jardine replied that “Presently there are a number of markets in the world where Menrad have a presence and Mondottica lacks feet on the ground. This will be a great opportunity for next steps”.
According to Eberhard and Hermann Mueller Menrad, “The decision to invest in the Mondottica
International Group is based on a successful partnership in the Mondottica Germany joint venture and the mutual trust that has been built over the years between our two companies. We strongly believe that this partnership will also work beyond the German speaking markets. Mondottica has highly attractive licensed brands and Menrad has a strong worldwide distribution network, as well as a proven Menrad owned manufacturing base in China for more than 20 years”.