Mazzucchelli 1849 and IED: together for creativity

When passion and experience meet design, the outcome is something extraordinary. A perfect combination that enables creativity to reach its maximum expression giving the possibility to create objects which are unique and unrepeatable.

This is the thread that ideally linked IED, the European Design Institute of Turin, and Mazzucchelli 1849 in a cooperation born to promote a project capable of giving life to a high quality product through the interaction of craftsmanship, innovation and creativity.

Mazzucchelli made its know-how and passion for materials available to IED students asking them to create collections in cellulose acetate for optical frames. In parallel, they carried out some projects for the creation of jewelry and bags using decorative films in addition to cellulose acetate.

During the collaboration, began in November 2018 and ended in the first part of 2019, IED students were at first involved in specific meetings held at Mazzucchelli headquarters aimed at the explanation of the goal to be reached, the complexity of the material and the different technologies available for the development of their works, and then engaged in the creation of a concept to be expressed on an autonomous basis up to the declination of a pattern applied on cellulose acetate.

In this process the students were provided with the tools necessary to develop their project, including the material and the support and the advice of a member of the Product Development team.

Among the submitted projects Mazzucchelli selected two works that showed to be more suited to the creative and commercial line of Mazzucchelli and included them in the group of the collections presented at the end of September.

This is how both the Square Chaos by Lucia Annunziata and Re-generation authored by Chiara Riccò were born.