Maya Hayuk for Max Mara

Max Mara collaborated with the artist Maya Hayuk to celebrate the Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 eyewear collection. The name of the project, “Optiprism”, recalls the Italian word “ottimismo” (optimism) while playing with the English terms “optical” and “prism”, which are the basic concepts of vision and prism.
The new distinctive detail of these Max Mara sunglasses and optical glasses is interpreted as the multi-faceted element and protagonist of a painting that will cross three continents over the coming months, with exclusive events in the United States, China, and Italy.
The prism is the multi-faceted emblem of the contemporary Max Mara woman: born of the combination of round and square forms, it reflects the harmonious balance between femininity and down-to-earth common sense, aesthetics and functionality, instinct and rationality.
Maya Hayuk conceived a modular diptych to be assembled in different ways to obtain a variety of configurations and present three different paintings in the three cities involved: New York, Beijing, and Milan.