Venice meets the East for an unexpected surprise

Vicenza-born designer Aldo Cibic has redesigned a key collection of luminous objects for Venini, a long-standing Italian company that creates Murano art glass.
The Lou Collection comprises three Eastern-inspired pieces that are a cross between a lamp and vase.
Items from the collection are hand-crafted from fine Murano art glass; the light reflections and multiple ways in which the properties of the glass are interpreted take centre stage for a truly unexpected result. Ambiguous in nature, the three models offer a delightful surprise: the lamps become vases and vice versa.
When the lights are turned off, the intense colours of the glass are revealed, and when the lamp is turned on, the ethereal quality of the raw material re-emerges.
The collection also stands out thanks to the quirky red tips that characterise the top section of the pieces, giving them a slightly Eastern feel.