Lightness is an added value.

Silhouette develops the theme of lightness, which has always been a hallmark of the brand, through the new communication campaign.

Lightness, fundamental for a pair of glasses, is experienced as a synonym of quality and becomes an important USP. WMIDO discussed this with Michael Schmied, Brand Director of the Austrian company and member of the Silhouette International AG management board as CMO.

How have you managed the relationship with your clients in recent months?

Immediately at the beginning of the lockdown, we implemented a very strong corporate and B2B communication strategy which was executed by a dedicated team. We were continuously in touch with our more than 1,500 employees at our location in Linz and all over the world, with important information, updates, tips and positive messages inviting them to see the crisis as an opportunity for making a new start and being more reflective and focused on things that really matter.

We have done the same with our more than 22,000 customers and business partners thanks to the support of our 13 subsidiaries and distributors located all around the world. As far as our final customers and brand lovers are concerned, we think that in difficult times it is important for a company to reaffirm and clarify brand positioning and try to build an even stronger bond with its customers.

In recent months the attention of people has been very high, we have all had more time to appreciate profound contents and messages, which would have been difficult to grasp in the hectic routine of life before COVID. For this reason, we chose to launch a new brand campaign in April 2020.

What are the objectives of the campaign?

Exceptional lightness has been the hallmark of the Silhouette brand for decades. Our new campaign communicates this important USP with contrasting images and various shades of meaning. After all, how can we truly appreciate lightness unless we contrast it with heaviness?

The campaign makes the Silhouette brand and its products more desirable, whether they are sunglasses, full-frame or rimless eyewear. Another goal is to showcase the brand’s USP and accentuate what makes our company special. This way, the campaign stays true to Silhouette’s core values.

How have you made the feeling of lightness visible and perceptible?

Lightness is a distinctive feeling which evokes many different associations. The image of a gossamer-thin scarf is one such association. To make it easy to identify with the idea of lightness, the opposite is used as a reference point. This creates a visual contrast between heavy and light. There is an interesting tension between the durable titanium frames and the thin, seemingly weightless fabric.

This draws attention to the high­ quality, high-tech titanium, which is the hallmark of all Silhouette frames. lt also emphasises the craftsmanship and unparalleled comfort of each pair of Silhouette glasses. The contrasts and shadows form an interplay that keeps the designs from appearing overly simplistic or distorted. This makes it easier to appreciate the precision and skill that go into processing the high-tech titanium that gives Silhouette products their signature lightness. The brushed finish of the surface creates an attractive look and exemplifies the distinctive titanium material associated with the Silhouette brand. The nature-inspired lines of the metal create a splendid visual effect.

Plexiglas symbolises the concept of air and its transparent qualities, emphasising the incomparable lightness of Silhouette products and serving as the focus for the flying glasses scene. These are precisely the characteristics that impress and inspire Silhouette customers all around the world. In other words, the campaign visuals represent the key proposition: “Nothing feels like a Silhouette”, which is also the focus of the visual, while our call to action, “Try it. Wear it. Love it.” perfectly sums up the message of this communication. This campaign message is conveyed and made visible in each window display using transparent materials. For the colour version, we have chosen a neutral palette in keeping with the black and white brand colours.

The attractive minimalist lines have a captivating effect on the viewer. Plexiglas cut-outs inspired by natural shapes are used along with eyewear display holders which appear to be invisible. They look so light that they seem to be floating on air inside the three-dimensional space. This creates an exciting look for both men and women, perfectly accentuating the rich contrast between thickness and lightness. We have chosen materials that match our brand identity. These express our continuous drive to innovate and the precision craftsmanship that goes into each pair of Silhouette glasses.

What tools did you use to spread it?

The campaign is already visible at the POS of some selected opticians worldwide. Even more shops will show it in the coming months as this will be our key campaign for the whole of 2020. We have also rolled out a digital version of the campaign across our online platforms. The digital communication highlights the theme of lightness in all its forms with various materials.